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Aluminum Sheet Protective Film

Haoen’s Aluminum Sheet Protection Film acts as a barrier of protection for your aluminium from various elements. It is mainly used for protecting polished surface, frosted surface, brushed surface,and heat-tinted surface of aluminum panels in the process of transportation, storage, processing and installation. The product is made of a polyethylene film with a specific formula as the substrate, polyacrylic acid (ester) resin as the main material of the pressure-sensitive adhesive, and a specific auxiliary agent through coating, slitting, packaging and other processes; protective film Good flexibility, fast "wetting" speed to the surface of the pasted profile; low increase rate of peel strength after pasting the board; good stability of the pressure-sensitive adhesive, will not adversely affect the pasted surface. The surface of the protective film must be treated with a hardened coating above 3.5H Reason: The surface of the protective film treated with a hardened coating can effectively prevent wear marks from daily touch or cleaning, and ensure that the protective film is as bright as new. Specification
Usage Provide a protective barrier to scratch, mark, damage and dirt at the process of bending, pressing, punching, cutting, drilling, milling, roll forming transportation and installation.
Base Material Polyethylene (PE)
Glue Water-based acrylic glue
Color Transparent, blue, white, black and white, green and so on.
Thickness 30-150 microns Recommend Thickness 35/45/50/70/80/100 microns
Width 100-1800 mm Recommend Width 1000/1100/1220/1250 mm
Length 100-2000 m Recommend Length 200m, 500m, 100m
180˚ Peel Strength 20-500 g/25mm Widely used 150/200/250/350 g/25mm
Tensile Strength Trasv> 8N/25mm Longi> 15N/25mm
Elongation Trasv> 300% Longi> 180%
Print Up to 3 colors
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