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Dental Barrier Film

Barrier film is a medical-grade plastic wrap with a self-adhesive backing. It is a infection control barrier sheets desinged for dentists. Barrier film helps protect surfaces of water syringe handle covers, hose covers, pen sheaths, etc. to keep them disinfected and free from environmental contaminants. These barriers are changed after each patient, so surfaces remain clean and disinfected until the end of the day at the clinic. It is easy to apply to various surfaces, is easy to remove, and doesn’t leave any residue behind. The film roll is divided into 1200 sheets measuring 4" by 6", and we added perforated edges to make the sheets easy to tear off! Specification
Name dental barrier film
Thickness 40micron,45micron,50micron,55micron etc
Material 100% brand new LDPE
Size per roll 10cm X 15cm (4" X 6")  (1000/1200pcs per roll)
Color Blue,clear,Green,Orange etc (can be customized)
Feature The perforated 4" x 6" sheets are easy to apply, easy to remove and leave no residue while providing a superior barrier on almost any surface.
Feature * Sturdy plastic wrap roll with self adhesive backing * Keeps clean areas sterile * Easy to apply and easy to remove * 1200 perforated easy to tear 4 inch *6 inch sheets * Protected against germs, saliva and other contaminants * Cut & mold sheets to fit insrument handles * Change sheets between patients * Surface remain clean and disinfected until the end of the day

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