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PVC protective film

Haoen’s PVC protective film is using PVC film as the substrate,coated with special acrylic adhesive. These products can be used outside due to their special pressure sensitive adhesive. It is suitable for the protection of stainless steel, glass and aluminium during processing, transport and storage. It is an ideal product to be used on metal surfaces during severe mechanical processes such as deep drawing, profiling or bending. The unique composition of the product makes it possible to protect the substrate through the complete process from deep drawing (single & multi-step) till the end-user. Features of PVC film high adhesion level -----------The initial viscosity of PVC film is better than that of PE film under the same thickness and the same stickiness. excellent deformation behaviour lubricating behaviour good weather ability easy unwind recyclable PVC electrostatic protective film is a double-layer co-extrusion protective film produced by a special production process. The product has excellent stability under high temperature conditions. Because it does not use any adhesives, it has no residual impurities on the surface of the product when used in any environment, which is more environmentally friendly and reliable. It will not produce and volatilize any toxic gas or substances harmful to the environment during or after use, and is widely used in various industrial fields. It has obvious effects on product surface protection, effectively reducing the production of defective products, improving process stability and enhancing product value. The PVC electrostatic protective film uses static electricity to make the plastic film stick to the glass and other objects to be protected, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the product. PVC electrostatic protective film is suitable for products that require electrostatic film protection. Product structure Physical properties Size information





Tube core inside diameter(mm)





Application Metal Plate surface protection surface protection tape used for protection of glass. Haoen’s PVC surface protection tape can be used to protect aluminum plate, stainless metal plate etc. Glass Protection surface protection tape used for protection of glass. Window frames protection Haoen’s PVC surface protection tape can be used to protect aluminum Besides, Haoen’s PVC surface protection tape also could be used for temporary fixation of the LED chips project.