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Vent Cover Film

Duct cover film is a high tack adhesion film, specially designed as a temporary closure protection to the uninstalled or partially installed opening duct, HAVC under construction or in transit. Duct Cover Film also helps to meet guidelines for providing temporary closures on open ductwork. Duct protect film is designed to be placed at the ends of the opening of the ductwork during storage and transportation, to protect the inside of ductwork form dust, dirt, insects, moisture,and also other particulates that can accumulate in the duct that can lead to poor indoor air quality. It has a very high adhesion, yet it won't leave a residue on metal after removal. This durable film is very resistant to tears and punctures. Duct protection film used on a wide variety of different sized ductwork. Roll sizes ranging from 18" to 48" wide are available so that you can protect any type of ductwork quickly and easily. The entire thickness of duct protection film is 45microns,2mil, 2.5mil, 3mil, so it can prevents from tears and punctures. Technical Data of Duct work Protection Film
Color Blue, Green, or customized
Thickness 3 mil, 2mil, or other cusotmized thickness
Width between 40mm and 1650mm
Length between 70m and 1500m
Adhesive 0.05N-8N/25mm or 5g-800g/25mm
Tensile Strength 70Mpa
Feature Moisture Proof
Delivery Time Shipped in 15 days after payment
Min Order 5000square meters
Payment Term T/T,L/C,D/P,etc (we can negotiate it)
High Temperature 48 hours for 70degrees
Low Temperature 6 hours for 40 degrees below zero
Special Requirements Individualised Customer Specifications

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